The professional management of operationally critical property by Geneba frees up resources and saves costs for the tenant in sale and leaseback transactions. Geneba also acts as a professional partner for the development and renovation of key operational property.


Volkswagen AG
Isenbüttel Wolfsburg, Germany

Sale and leaseback: a solution for medium-sized enterprises

While classic sale and leaseback structures provided by leasing companies or funds are primarily used for tax optimisation purposes, Geneba offers production companies an experienced asset and facility manager for the cost-effective operation of company property.


Geneba helps, through the purchase of operationally crucial property, to improve the overall balance sheet of industrial companies and medium-sized European enterprises and strengthens their equity ratio. Geneba thereby creates additional liquidity that in turn serves to finance further business growth.


Geneba thereby places a particular focus on properties from the logistics and light industrial sectors.