Corporate Governance

Geneba highly values good corporate governance and uses the content of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (also known as the ‘Code Tabaksblat’) as a guiding principle for its corporate governance policy, by focussing on conducting its business activities in a responsible, ethical and transparent manner. The company actively reports to shareholders, its compliance is continuously and closely assessed by its Supervisory Board, external compliance management, Geneba’s depositary (Orangefield) and the external auditors.

Supervisory Board

Mr. Gabriel de Alba, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Gerrit Littel | Ms. Marian Hogeslag
Dr. Jochen Scharpe | Mr. Jörn Stobbe

External auditors



ICG (Initiative Corporate Governance)


Initiative Unternehmensimmobilien


Logistik-Cluster Schwaben

Geneba’s depositary

Vistra Netherlands

1077 ZX, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Strawinskylaan 3127
  +31 88 560 9273


Charco & Dique

Krijn Taconiskade 422
1087 HW Amsterdam

  +31 (0)20 4165403